🤔Have you been looking for an opportunity to join women-only swimming pool opportunity?

🤔Would you like to jumpstart your swimming journey before summer ends?

🤔Are you looking to meet other ladies in the community?

🤔Do you have water phobia or anxiety around the pool?

✅If you said YES to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!

🧕Join us for a women-only pool party on Saturday, August 27th

from 3:00 - 6:30 p.m.

👉This is for women age 18+ and for only limited spots!

👉We can only work with 20 women maximum at a time to ensure safety and space for everyone.

🙏Please sign up by signing up below! After you submit the payment, the address to the pool will be shown in the sales page!

✅What is included at the pool party?

  • Food, snacks, and drinks
  • mini swim lesson session
  • mini water aerobics session
  • floaties
  • chairs to sit and relax
  • pool space for fun and relaxation

*This pool party is a collaboration with Global Deaf Muslim USA nonprofit organization. They are sponsoring between 10-12 women to attend our event, in shaa Allah.*

Please scroll below to read more about them

Testimonial from last year's (2021) pool party

This is from the Eid Al Adha 2022 pool party

ladies joined us for a mini swim lesson and we had a chilling time by the poolside

Bring your mom and come for a fun pool time

This is the pool that I have rented for this pool party.

This course is closed for enrollment.


Whose pool is this?

-This is a rented pool! It belongs to someone who I am renting through Swimply.com

How can I make sure this is a safe pool?

-Yes, safety is number one concern which I also take very heavily. I have rented this pool in the past and the pictures you see on this page are all ladies who joined us at this pool 

Will I be able to shower after the pool time?

-Unfortunately no. Since this is not my pool and because it's limited time rent, showering will need to be done at home.

Which pool did you rent and where is the location at ?

-This pool is located in Gainesville, VA near Target Gainesville shopping center. Once you sign up for the course/page, the exact address will be provided.

You can also view this pool by clicking the link below to learn more about it:


About the organization

GDM is a non profit organization registered in United States of America. The organization was established in 2005 by Deaf Muslim graduates to address the rights and needs of Deaf Muslims across the global ummah.

For Deaf Muslims, accessing Islamic information has always been a challenge. Information about Islam is seldom available in sign language making it difficult to educate Deaf Muslims about Islam and for individuals to conduct their own research. The lack of accessible materials and the systematic exclusion of Deaf Muslims from Masjids and Islamic organizations was identified by GDM as a growing problem that they needed to address.

Your contributions to GDM help us uphold our mission making Islam accessible and inclusive of Deaf Muslims worldwide.

To learn more about their work, click the link below:


About Coach Ola:

Ola is a certified personal trainer and swim instructor. She is currently teaching swimming at SwimBox and at GMU. She is passionate about swimming and is hoping this opportunity and opportunities she created in the past help Muslim women to come out to the pool and be able to enjoy swimming. She understands the risks and concerns of renting pools through Swimply as well as she understands. She is trying her best, and she hopes this will be a great opportunity to celebrate Eid and jumpstart swimming journey, in shaa Allah.